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Guest Sasa

"Gorodetskoye Gulbishe"

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Guest Sasa   
Guest Sasa

Fellow warriors and ladies!

We invite you to the early ages festival "Gorodetskoye Gulbishe" that will take part from 7 till 11 of July near Moscow in Russia.

We are waiting foward to new vikings, tradesmen, craftsmen and all the good people from the western countries interested in viking age period.

For general information you can refer to the site of the festival . There is an english version.

Still most information for participants (rules, full program, discussions on battles, games, activities etc.) is in Russian and is in the hidden part of this forum to which we could grant you access after at least first virtual acquaintance. However if you have any questions - you may ask them by directly writing to organizers e-mail: gulbishe@gorodec.ru

p.s. Scot King (Viking You Like) was the first western viking to visit our festival in 2009 - so you can ask him about the details.

Festival program:

10 july

• Participants parade.

• Theatral show. Battle.

• Bowman contest.

• «Trade show».

• Craft master-classes (wallow felt, forge, pottery, production of glass-beads, weaving, woodworking etc).

• Duel competition.

• Concert.

11 july

• Warriors competitions.

• Old russian games and funnies.

• Prize “Gorodetskoye Gulbishe 2010”.

• Cooking contest.

10-11 of july you’ll see...

...10-11 century by your own eyes!


Web-site: gorodec.ru

Forum: gorodec.ru/forum

e-mail: gulbishe@gorodec.ru

Tel: +7(495)589-5441

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Hi Sasa

In accordance with our rules -> https://forum.historia.org.pl/index.php?showtopic=7988 You should translate your post, because on forum.historia.org.pl polish language is obligatory. Exception is Foreign Office (English) -> https://forum.historia.org.pl/index.php?showforum=206. We are so happy that foreigns has written here but You must keep the rules. :)

Qrosava [Moderator]

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