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      Zostań naszym fanem. Obserwuj nas w social mediach : )   12/11/2016

      Daj się poznać jako nasz fan oraz miej łatwy i szybki dostęp do najnowszych informacji poprzez swój ulubiony portal społecznościowy.    Obecnie można nas znaleźć m.in tutaj:   Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Historiaorgp...19230928?ref=ts Twitter: http://twitter.com/historia_org_pl Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/historia.org.pl/
    • Jarpen Zigrin

      Przewodnik użytkownika - jak pisać na forum   12/12/2016

      Przewodnik użytkownika - jak pisać na forum. Krótki przewodnik o tym, jak poprawnie pisać i cytować posty: http://forum.historia.org.pl/topic/14455-przewodnik-uzytkownika-jak-pisac-na-forum/
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Forum Rules

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Forum Historia.org.pl Rules

1.This Forum Rules (Rules) lays down rules for forum.historia.org.pl (Forum)

2.Using the Forum consists of publishing through the Forum any content including reviews, comments, questions and others in accordance with these Regulations.

3.Use the forum can people who voluntarily agreed to do so by registering at the Forum.

4.You use the Forum through an individual profile was created automatically by registration. A profile can be assigned to only one user at the same time.

5.At the same time the user can only use one profile. It is forbidden to use the same user to more than one profile.

6.Using the User Profile allows the identification of. Administrator is unable, for technical reasons to ensure full anonymity of users.

7.Obtaining involuntary User profile access is a crime.

8.Administrator reserves the right to block User Profile in any time and for any reason.

9.During registration, You alone determine your username, password, e-mail address.

10.The possibility for additional content in the Forum are available after registration.

11.The user can add other registration information that allows the Forum to

his / her profile.

12.The user is obliged to preserve and disclose to third parties the access password to your profile

13.You bear personal responsibility for use of their profile as well as for content posted on the Forum.

14.Persons under 18 years of age must have your parent or legal guardian to register. Registration of persons under age 18 Administrator will consider a registration made with the prior consent of parents or legal guardians.

15.Along with making the registration, the User accepts the conditions laid down in these Rules and agrees to comply with obligations under the Rules.

16.You agree also to comply with orders Admin. Administrator issued command using topics, posts, by Private Messages or e-mail, each time stating that this is a command

17.Administrator command should be strictly adhered to and implemented by users and has precedence over the provisions of these Regulations. In second place standing provisions of these Regulations, and then three codes attached to the Rules in an addendum.

18.Using the Forum is free.

19.The language of the Forum is the Polish language.

20.The expection is Foreign Office (English) - sub-forum provided for discussion in English.

21.Content published on the forum should be drafted in accordance with the principles of the Polish language.

22.Content published on the forum should be drafted in a way that enables them to clear, transparent and clear message.

23.User registering for the Forum agrees to send to the address given at registration e-mail address information from the Administrator of the Forum.

24.The following concepts should be understood as follows:

a ) Forum - active discussion forum at http://www.forum.historia.org.pl.

b ) Administrator - a person registered in the nick Jarpen Zigrin, which owns Forum.

c ) Moderator - Member, who was appointed before the Administrator to manage, develop and policing by the Administrator in a particular section.

d ) User (pol. Użytkownik) - a person who has voluntarily registered for an account.

e ) Guest (pol. Gość) - a person who has not registered an account and visit the forum anonymously. Guests also applies to these Terms and Conditions.

f ) Profile (pol. Profil) - assigned to the user after registering.

25.The user is obliged to comply with these Rules and applicable laws while using the Forum.

26.You agree to non-publication through the Forum any illegal content. In particular, it is not allowed:

a ) Dissemination through the Forum content that is abusive, vulgar, obscene, or violate someone's personal interests.

b ) Calling and placement through the Forum incitement to hatred, violence and discrimination against.

c ) Dissemination through the Forum content which violates copyright and related rights.

d ) Taking action or acts of a criminal action urging them to commit.

e ) Inciting breaches of these Regulations.

f ) Dissemination of the content or files that contain viruses that could damage hardware or software used by Users.

27.Moderators have the right to delete any content which violates these Terms and Conditions.

28.You agree to halt any action violating the existing law through the Forum.

29.You also agree to comply with the three Regulations annexed to these Rules in the form of annexes:

30.The administrator has the right to broadcast and modify the Regulations annexed to these Rules in the form of annexes.

31.You agree to not take action contrary to the principles of social coexistence. In particular, it is not allowed:

a ) Behavior contrary to generally accepted and the accepted principles of culture and ethics.

b ) Behavior manifested disrespect to other users.

c ) Behavior in contradiction with the codes attached to these Rules in the form of annexes.

32.You have the right to freedom of expression and the acquisition and dissemination of information in accordance with the Rules and the applicable law.

33.The user is obliged to publish the contents of the Forum in line with its theme section.

34.It is forbidden to publish the content of incompatible themes, or different from the chapter or topic. In particular, it is not allowed:

a ) publish content with low or questionable as to the substance

b ) publishing two or more of the same or very similar content.

c ) injury, ridiculed, mocking the content posted by another user

d ) Personal attacks on another user

e ) unnecessary disputes and conducting discussion

f ) writing their speeches into one another, when not doing the particular circumstances

g ) Public demand an explanation from the Administrator or Administration Forum

35.Starting a new topic you must put it in the appropriate section of the Forum in line with what is in it.

36.Users to publish commercial information or other content of the music must have the prior agreement of the Administrator.

37.In total it is prohibited to abuse formatting styles.

38.In total it is prohibited to remove or edit malicious content by you.

39.You may not delete your own posts.

40.You have the right to edit your statements by using the change in the period prescribed by the Administrator.

41.Users are obliged to distribute content through the Forum only by their own.

42.You, if you want to use the forum of his own content is not obliged to show clearly the quotation in accordance with applicable law.

43.You posting in the Forum content or materials having the characteristics of the track under the provisions of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights entitle the Administrator to free, nonexclusive and unmarked temporary use of these contents without territorial restrictions and quantitative.

44.Admin content or materials referred to in 43. may disseminate via websites remain at the disposal of the Administrator.

45.The administrator is the owner of the Forum, directs and sets targets for its activities.

46.The administrator has the right to:

a ) issue binding orders in Forum

b ) any modification of any part of the Forum

c ) intervene in the profile and content submitted by Users in Forum

d ) have the right to broadcast special features, prizes and privileges

e ) banning Users

f ) face a public comment

g )other action necessary to drive forum

47.The administrator is not required to explain the reasons for their actions.

48.The administrator is appointed and dismissed Moderators.

49.Moderators are subject to the Administrator and must respect his commands and implement its policy of conducting the Forum.

50.Moderator is required in a particular way to:

a ) follow instructions of the Administrator and comply with the Rules of Procedure

b ) ensure the good name of the Forum and the Administrator

c ) preserve the integrity and diligence

d ) enforce the provisions of these Regulations in relation to users

e ) avoid conflict and mitigate the resulting

f ) refrain from criticism of the Forum, the Administrator and other moderators

g ) take an active part in discussions and develop their section

51.The administrator shall designate a department, where he served as Moderator will.

52.The administrator determines the extent of the obligations Moderator.

53.Moderator has the right to manage their department in accordance with these Regulations.

54.Detailed rules for the administration regulates Forum Rules Administrative Rules attached to this addendum in the form.

55.Moderators have the special privileges granted by the Administrator, but have a special obligations.

56.The administrator has the right to give preference to certain department access to the Moderator - Senate.

57.The right to interpret the provisions of these Regulations, and the right to settle issues not covered by the Rules and Regulations have doubts about administrator.

58.The administrator also decides on matters concerning the conflict between the Rules Forum, and attached to the regulations of these Regulations in the form of annexes.

59.Moderators have the right to remove or edit content users contrary to these Rules and the Criminal Code to the Rules attached in annex.

60.Moderators have the right to carry out other activities assigned by the Administrator moderating.

61.Moderators have the right to issue warnings for actions against users of these Regulations or Rules of Criminal.

62.You may receive a warning from the 1 to 3

63.The user after receiving three warnings will be temporarily excluded from placing content on the forums with posts by disrupting.

64.You have the right to appeal to the Administrator received the warning. Order of the Administrator is final.

65.Detailed rules for the warnings and act contrary to these Terms and Conditions governs Criminal attached to these Rules in the annex.

to be continued.

If you have any questions, please send me a Private Message. I will try to help you.


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